Ceramic objects are by nature easy to maintain.

A fountain or sculpture should give a lifetime of pleasure, and with great care, should also provide future generations with that same sense of enjoyment.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that I receive from customers.

Are sculptures affected by extreme weather?
High fired stoneware is generally resistant to frost and hot weather.
In freezing conditions, water should be removed from fountains to avoid ice expanding and the possibility of cracking.

How do I clean my ceramic sculptures?
Ceramics may be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft sponge.
Mild abrasive cleansers may be used, but are not recommended due to possible scratching.

How do you maintain the water quality in a fountain?
Water in fountains should be replaced, and pump filters should be checked with regularity to improve water cleanliness.
Products to improve the clarity and purity of the water can be bought from aquarium or gardening centres.

Do your fountains require access to a continuous water supply?
Most of my freestanding fountains use a closed cycle system which recycles the water and only needs to be topped up when necessary. There is no need to attach these fountains to a tap.

For larger outdoor pond and commercial fountains, it would be advisable to use a float valve system that replenishes the water as it evaporates.
If a fountain draws its water from a pond, a small cocoon mesh should be used around the water intake. This will prevent any objects blocking the flow. From time to time this mesh should be cleaned.

How can I improve the sound of running water in a fountain?
The use of pebbles in a fountain can be used to soften the sound of running water. They may also be used to accentuate the spray effect.
In a closed cycle system, the loss of water due to the spray effect will require the fountain to be topped up more often.
Pond and freestanding pumps can use different shape heads to change the effect and sound of the flowing water.

What electrical supply do I need for my fountain?
The pumps provided with my fountains are able to be used with standard 240 volts 50 Hz AC electrical supply.
If your electrical supply is different, you may be required to provide your own pump or use a step down tranformer from a local source.
The smaller freestanding fountains used indoors may be plugged into a standard power point. (Outside the UK you will be required to provide a suitable plug).
Fountains used outdoors should be connected to a safe waterproof power supply, as recommended by a qualified electrician.

How can I receive my sculpture when it is ready?
Your piece can be collected directly from my studio.
Packaging, delivery and shipping is available. Please contact  lmh for a quotation.

How long does it take to make a sculpture?
Depending on the type and size of the sculpture it generally takes 8 to 12 weeks to create a piece.
This time may vary during busy periods or large commissions.