About LMH

The Artist

After studying Architectural Ceramics in France and London, Louisa Merry Henriksen worked for several years on numerous projects throughout Europe, Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom, acquiring a wide range of techniques. These include slab building, press moulding and sculptural relief, with the interesting use of glazes and oxides, combined with multiple firings.

Louisa works with high fired stoneware and terracotta clay. Most of her pieces are suitable for internal or outdoor environments.

She has been invited to exhibit her work in several prestigious venues both in France and England.

Her Work

Creative ideas with inventive use of application and firing techniques have produced a unique series of fountains, murals and sculptural pieces depicting exotic birds and mythical animals. As in many fine works, her complex layering of compounds and glazes create a depth of colour and grading rarely found in the mass market ceramics.

She is essentially known for her larger sculptures and limited editions, but the diversity of her work has also established a growing market for her smaller commercial pieces.

Each year, Louisa adds new innovative pieces to her signature and commercial works.

Functionality and Design

Free standing or wall mounted fountains are self contained with an integral pumping system to recycle the water. They require minimal maintenance, and any water ducting is concealed within the fountain so as not to distract from the overall visual effect.

Most of her pieces are designed to be dismantled for convenience of packing and transportation.

A careful eye to detail and finish is evident throughout her sculptures.

Throughout the centuries, the alchemy of turning raw earth into sculptured art has been used to express the ideas of social and cultural groups throughout the world.

From the Greek temples to the Aztec pyramids, within churches and corporations, sculptured art has shown to be an enduring form of identity and expression.

In the fast paced digital world where repetition and conformity are the order of the day, unique handcrafted sculptures take on a level of appreciation greater than ever before.

Some people acquire art as a reflection of their personality while others do it for investment. Quite often is the case, art is collected simply for the pure pleasure that it brings.

Fountains provide a functional role in controlling the source and distribution of water, but they also reinforce that psychological link that humans have with nature. The gentle sound of running water over pebbles provides a soothing backdrop to the chaos of the modern world.


To enquire about other works or commissions undertaken by
Louisa Merry Henriksen, she may be contacted by Tel/Fax or email